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I am a Professor of Physics (Professor Catedrático) at the Department of Physics of Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. My research is performed at the Laser and Plasmas Group, also known as GoLP, where I lead the epp team. I am also the scientific coordinator of the Laser and Plasmas Group.
At GoLP we are all committed to continuously raising the bar.

I serve on the Editorial Board of an awesome outlet for papers in Plasma Physics: Journal of Plasma Physics (Cambridge University Press)

I am also the President of the Scientific Council of IST (since January 2013).

I am interested in the interaction of intense fields with plasmas (Extreme Plasma Physics | High Energy Density Science | High Field Science | Ultra Fast Science) with applications in plasma-based accelerators, relativistic astrophysics, intense radiation sources, attosecond pulse generation, magnetic field generation, QED processes, and fundamental plasma physics.

Media coverage/ updated news about my work can be found in :: epp on the news :: or on Twitter @luis_os

address GoLP/Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear
Complexo Interdisciplinar
Instituto Superior Técnico
1049-001 Lisboa
phone +351 21 8419336 (ext. 3336)
fax +351 21 8464455
twitter @luis_os
email luis.silva *at*
skype luis.o.silva


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