Welcome to the website of the extreme plasma physics team, the theory and simulation team of the Group for Lasers and Plasmas of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Our team is funded by the European Research Council through the Advanced Grant "Accelerates" (ERC-AdG2010 no. 267841) and the Advanced Grant “InPairs” (ERC-AdG2015).

Latest News

Fábio C is awarded the 2016 Gulbenkian Prize for Stimulus to Scientific Research

One of the 2016 Gulbenkian Prizes for Stimulus to Scientific Research in the area of “Earth and Space Sciences” was awarded Fábio C for his project “Multiscale modeling of pulsar magnetospheres”.In this project, Fábio will model pulsar magnetospheres – one the most extreme and exotic environments in the Universe – using advanced numerical tools, capable of solving the self-­consistent collective dynamics… Read more

New paper in PRL on OAMs

A new paper by Jorge V et al just accepted in Physical Review Letters demonstrates how to generate high orbital angular momentum harmonics in close analogy with high harmonic generation of the laser frequency. The paper is already available on arXiv here. Read more

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