Welcome to the website of the extreme plasma physics team, the theory and simulation team of the Group for Lasers and Plasmas of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Our team is funded by the European Research Council through the Advanced Grant "Accelerates" (ERC-AdG2010 no. 267841) and the Advanced Grant “InPairs” (ERC-AdG2015).

Latest News

epp team to be present in 25th year celebration of the Portuguese Ministry of Science

In 2020, the Ministry of Science celebrates 25 years of the first Ministry of Science in Portugal. Our team will be present with the installation of Giannandrea I and Fabio C, Turbulence Voice of Space and GoLP VR Lab on April 17th 2020 in Teatro Thalia. Read more

The “Natas” of Visualization 2019 have been announced!

IMG_6555 2
And now they come in three flavours! Following our tradition (see the “2014 Natas”, “2015 Natas”, “2016 Natas”, “2017 Natas”, “2018 Natas“), the prizes for the winners of the image, video, and VR of 2019, the “natas” of visualization, were awarded to Kevin Schoeffler (center), Nitin Shukla (right, in the slide, 2nd time winner), and Fabio Cruz (left, 4th… Read more

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