• Luis OS distinguished by the President of the Portuguese Republic

    On July 29 2016, Luis OS was distinguished as Grande Oficial of the Ordem da Instrução Pública by the President of the Portuguese Republic. Video of the ceremony is here.

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  • GoLP at EPS 2016

    GoLP was heavily represented at the EPS Plasma Physics Conference 2016 in Leuven, for several talks and posters delivered by Ricardo F, Marta F, Thomas G, Garreth W, Joana M, Marija V, Ujjwal S, Nitin S, and Anton H with an invited talk by Marija Vranic.

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  • Luis OS attends ERC PI centric event with Commissioner Moedas and ERC President

    On July 4 Luis OS attended an ERC PI centric event hosted by the Agency managing the ERC programme at the Champalimaud Foundation. The event was also attended by Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the President of the European Research Council Jean-Pierre Bourguignon. 

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  • EPP members attend Summer School in Advanced Scientific Computing

    The Summer School in Advanced Scientific Computing took place at Minho University, Braga, from the 20th to the 23rd of June, attended by over 60 students and researchers from all over Europe including GoLP team members Paulo Ratinho, Nitin Shukla and Pedro Carneiro.
    Organized by the Texas Institute of Advanced Scientific computing (TACC) and Universidade do Minho, the event included topics in parallel programming and code optimization, data visualization, and a presentation by Intel of the recently launched “Knights Landing” Xeon Phi processor family.
    This was also a great opportunity to get up to date with the latest trends in high performance scientific computing within the beautiful scenery of the Gerês mountains that surrounds Braga!

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  • EPP team hosts a high school student internship

    From 14-17 of June, Afonso Mota, a 16 year old, 10th grade student from Valsassina School, will be staying at GoLP for an internship as part of the project “my first work experience”.
    Afonso is interested in Astrophysics and gravitation. Despite his young age, he will be learning the basics of Mathematica and Matlab programming languages and applying them to understand the orbits of the planets in the solar system and the periodicity of the tides on earth. Besides his work, he will have the opportunity to interact with all the members at GoLP to learn about the exciting research that is being performed.
    Welcome Afonso!

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  • JPP Editorial Board meets at IST

    The editorial board of JPP is holding a meeting in Lisbon to discuss the exciting recent developments in Plasma Physics and the future directions for the Journal of Plasma Physics (Peter Catto, Per Helander, Thierry Passot, Neil Hammond, Bill Dorland, Alex Schekochihin, Troy Carter, Dmitri Uzdensky, Jon Arons, Beth Woodhouse, Cary Forest, and Luis OS.

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  • Luis OS to be recognised as “Grande Oficial” of the “Ordem da Instrução Pública”

    On May 23 2016, and on the celebration of the 105 years of IST, the President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (in the picture), announced that he will award Luis OS the title of “Grande Oficial” of the “Ordem da Instrução Pública”. This distinction is among the highest recognitions that can be bestowed to portuguese citizens or organizations by the President (IST News here in Portuguese only)

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  • Luis OS cameo and Jorge V’s work on the institutional video of Tecnico

    In the new institutional video of IST Luis OS has a cameo role presenting some of the Jorge V’s work on the generation of intense B-fields in underdense laser-plasma interactions, which was recently published in Nature Physics.

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  • epp team at SLAC/Stanford for HEDLA 2016

    Luis OS, Thomas G, and Kevin S are attending the HEDLA 2016 conference at SLAC/Stanford, where they will present some of our exciting work on these topics (Thomas G will deliver an invited talk and Kevin a contributed talk, with more 5 posters with our team’s work). They will also catch up with our illustrious alumni Fiuza and Paulo now at SLAC/Stanford.

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  • GoLP Day: awesome group in amazing Lisbon

    Today was another great GoLP Day organized by our group members Gareth Williams, Elisabetta Boella and Ana Luisa. Besides the classic “Marshmallow Challenge” there was also the opportunity to avoid a nuclear meltdown with many more moments of interaction and fun in Mouraria and all around Lisbon.

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